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Protocol 91-16 activated.


August 26, 2019

10:18 AM MDT


There's a difference between someone wanting me dead of their own volition and someone with orders to kill me. Just thought I'd point that out, especially with my continuing paranoia.



Jack Y.


P.S. Maybe I should complete the audio track of Opposed episode 2 before I make the visuals for both.

August 14, 2019

3:22 AM MDT


A few days ago, I've completed the audio track for Opposed Episode 1: Undue intrusion.

However, due to recent major incidents, especially in my city of residence, I've decided to delay the premiere of Opposed for even longer, until such a time as I deem it and Episode 2 (now called Displacement operation) fully ready, with visual track. This is due to the content of the battle against OpMem #1 in Opposed.


In related matters, aside from my social media retirement from August 4, 2017 as previously mentioned, I hereby publicly declare I'd retired willingly from a certain event since last year; let's mark it April 17, 2018. The events of April 26, 2019 did not help matters, as I had suffered anxious breakdowns that day. I have become paranoid because I convinced myself of something horrible, and it's related to a grudge I may have that's buried very deep in me. Rationally, though, I may have mixed up fictional character traits with actualities.


When Opposed is released, there will be an audio disclaimer as follows: The usage of characters, spoken languages, or assigned roles do not necessarily reflect the author's stances on related portrayers, official, local, or otherwise. Also, while the artifact "This series is a fictionalized dramatization of actual events" carries over from the original Op/Res, note that: Events should not be taken as entirely accurate.


I shouldn't say the next event I'm heading to. What if they find me? They could be anywhere, they could be anyone, and I'm the one who can't recognize people half the time.


I'm doing this for transparency, and I need more time away from this online scene.


Thank you for reading,

Jack Y.

July 28, 2018

2:47 PM MDT


Thought I'd post an update somewhere.


July 5 and 11 had good things happen. I got to see people I haven't seen for at least 9 months.

I've been off social media since August 4, 2017 (officially).


But more importantly, Opposed!: the new Opposition/Resurrection is still in progress.

I'm having major disk space issues because I've had to heavily move out a lot of Final Fantasy XV footage from our PS4. Plus, Garry's Mod has been having memory issues, long load times as usual, and sudden crashes, and Steam is about to disown Windows Vista in January, meaning I need to switch to Windows 7 (somehow) if I am to finish Opposed by the end of 2019.

I switched Opposed to an audiovisual format, meaning an audio drama with still visuals, to attempt to counteract the disk space issues. After all, still pictures take less space and memory to make than video clips. I realize it's been seven months since my projected release date and I have nothing to show for it except teaser renders of future story arcs and negative inspiration last summer that led to new enemy factions in the story (the Blazing Swords and Flaring Meteors).


Rest assured that the audiovisual drama is still coming out. Most of episode 1 is complete. I just need to find clips and streamline the ending of the episode. Just hoping that two people with orders to kill me don't succeed before I finish.



Jack Y.

creator and voice of the Lost Fugitive

Return to a time of irrational fear. - Opposed! the new Opposition Resurrection, an audiovisual drama coming 2017.

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