This episode is incomplete due to the original Opposition/Resurrection series cancellation in April 2016. A new audiovisual drama remake, Opposed!, has been announced for release in 2017.

This web novel has been rated Fiction M 16+.

The following is part of an independent project and has not been endorsed by any Calgary-based organization or group.

Personal disclaimer:


The events in these next few episodes may seem awkward, given what happened in the latter half of 2015. Despite resolving several personal conflicts this past May, I've since gotten dangerously close to a third round of fatal decision propaganda, which, admittedly, led to more dangerous thoughts and actions on my behalf. It's pretty much like what happened in late 2012.


I do miss people, and I thank them for "doing the usual" over the last few years, yet I have taken personal measures to avoid certain outings until July 2016. I will try my best to keep Op/Res a work of fiction and restrain all character depictions as much as possible. However, I cannot guarantee this; Op/Res began out of fear of some people I've met with, and even though I'm using an outdated mentality I overcame at least once, I need an outlet for any unease I may have.


It's time to continue the story of this alternate parallel reality.


-Jack Y., December 15, 2015

This series is a fictionalized dramatization of actual events.

All characters and events, even those based on real people, are fictional. Some characters have been composited. This is meant to be enjoyed and not promote disrespect. No harm is intended, but this series should not be viewed by those who may take offense to anything.

While this series is loosely based on events from June-Dec. 2012, April-May 2013, and May-Dec. 2014, any similarities to other events are coincidental. It is not meant to be an accurate retelling.

This novel contains action/fantasy violence, coarse language, and thematic elements that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Reader discretion is advised.

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