Chapter 8

        Back outside, Kyoko and Sayaka had turned Soldier's comatose body onto his side and moved his Reanimator box out of the way. Kyoko, with her phone against her head, was still speechless about the Reanimator box. Sayaka began to frantically shake Soldier in the shoulder, as her healing powers didn't seem to wake him up.
        Just then, the two of them heard some filtered male voices nearby.
        "Ready to go."
        "Affirmative. All units, lock your position."
        "Restrict, search."
        Kyoko and Sayaka stood up, ready to fight whatever was heading their way. Suddenly, they saw three men in gasmasks standing in the nearby parking garage entrance.
        "Sweeping for suspect," one of them declared.
        A gunshot rang out and took down one of the men. His gasmask radio sounded a long high-pitched beep as he collapsed.
        "With my apologies," declared Spy. He stepped over to Kyoko and Sayaka with his Ambassador in hand, which he soon put away into his suit.
        Kyoko readied her spear into position, while Sayaka prepared to tap her chest to summon a sword from there.
        "No," interjected Spy. "You don't need to!" He bent down and grabbed both of Soldier's grenades from his chest.
        "Fire to dislocate that interpose!" one of the remaining two gasmasked men ordered.
        Kyoko and Sayaka watched as Spy threw himself at the two men while they opened fire at him with their pistols.
        Neither of them were aware that the body Spy left behind was a fake. Thanks to his Dead Ringer watch, Spy could escape from a pinch in an emergency protective invisibility cloak that generated a false body once an opponent landed a hit. However, the cloak only lasted for a matter of seconds, after which the watch would set off a loud electric crackle.
        Thankfully, the gasmasked men would not find out.
        "That's a grenade!" one of them yelled.
        Two overlapping high-pitched beeps sounded off as Soldier's grenades exploded near the two men.
        Kyoko smirked in satisfaction. But a worried Sayaka quickly pointed at Kyoko and then at Soldier's comatose body before heading toward the nearest entrance.
        Kyoko raised her phone to her ear once more. She was willing to hear what the Fugitive had to say next.
        Sayaka had just barely exited the entrance stairwell when she heard a loud crackle beside her.
        "The outcome was never really in doubt," Spy spoke. He gave a thumbs-up to Sayaka as he reappeared from his protective cloak.
        "Whoa, hang on a sec," began Sayaka. But she heard the Fugitive's voice being broadcast nearby.
        "Let's not worry about where exactly Miss Stocking kept the Reanimator box," said the Fugitive. "You people gotta get Sasha and Soldier to a safe place, all right?"
        Mami held out her walkie-talkie for the team members again. Madoka had one of Stocking's striped katanas in her hands, while Sasha was leaning against Mami for support. Scout and FemScout held the Reanimator, which still had Engineer's hologram coming out of it.
        Fortunately, Stocking was still unconscious.
        "Hey!" called Sayaka once she arrived around the corner of the hallway.
        Madoka began to hand over the sword to Sayaka when the Fugitive gave another command.
        "Oh, and if you have anything of Miss Stocking's, bring it over."
        "Huh? For reals?" asked Sayaka as she received the striped katana.
        Outside, Kyoko had just freed up her hands by unsummoning her spear through the Soul Gem on her chest, and putting her phone away into her skirt outfit. She discovered the penguin on Soldier's belt and let an open smile slip onto her face.
        She knelt down as she took hold of Soldier's Reanimator box and grabbed the penguin, having no clue as to what the latter did.
        A loud flash, and the two of them, as well as the Reanimator box, vanished from the area.
        In the inhibitor room, Medic had been watching the action and listening to the Fugitive's commands on the primary inhibitor, while he continued to heal Kurisu with his custom-built Sentry Medigun.
        "Huh?" asked Kurisu. She had noticed a bright flash in the area, and saw that two people had arrived: a red-haired magical girl and an unconscious rough-looking military man with a red brimmed hat.
        Medic turned his head to look. He saw a Reanimator box emitting Soldier's hologram.
        "Wonderful!" Medic declared before he broke into laughter.
        Back at Office Building 52375, Mami, Madoka, and Sayaka had just packed up the food from the area, including what was left of Sasha's stack of sandwiches. While they did so, they were careful not to bump into the still-unconscious Stocking.
        Sasha herself continued to lean on Mami's shoulders while clutching her chest from Stocking's attack.
        Spy stood beside Scout and FemScout as the Fugitive continued his commands over the comm lines.
        "If Sayaka said you can have some, you can have some," agreed the Fugitive, "but you gotta get out of there right now! Stocking's gonna wake up any minute, you know."
        Suddenly, a girl with long black hair and a grayish-purple magical girl outfit appeared in front of the team. This girl was none other than Homura Akemi, another one of the Holy Quintet magical girls in the Resurrection Movement.
        "Miss Akemi..." said Mami.
        Madoka took a moment to make sure that it was the Homura she knew and not the sleek-haired doppelganger who invaded their team meeting months ago. Then she held out one of Sasha's sandwiches toward Homura.
        Homura smiled, but silently declined Madoka's offer with a shake of her head.
        "Take my hand," she ordered.




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