Chapter 7

        Back inside the office building, Sasha was amazed with the two girls who were in their magical outfits in front of her. She applauded Mami and the just-transformed Madoka as they took a bow toward her.
        Kyoko and Sayaka, still in their school uniforms, continued to look out the window at Soldier. He had collapsed into a coma from a headshot by an unknown assassin.
        "Resurrection Movement!" The Fugitive's voice arrived on the comm lines, sounding breathless. "I-I'm pretty sure you know this, but you got a frigging Hostile coming into the building. Take her down, now!"
        Madoka couldn't help but let a worried gasp slip onto her face as she put her phone away. Mami gave her a reassuring rub on the shoulder and a warm smiling nod.
        "Go, go, go!" called FemScout. She had the double-barreled Force-a-Nature scattergun ready, while Scout readied a small black Pocket Pistol.
        Mami gestured her arms in front of her. Two of her musket-rifles slid out from inside her skirt and rushed off in midair into the hallway. Mami then made another forward sweep with one of her arms.
        "Oh, it's magic time!" declared Scout.
        In one of the two entrance stairwells of the complex, Stocking, who was still in her transformed outfit, stopped in place. She braced herself with her twin striped katanas in hand, and saw two more of those rifles glide into the stairwell.
        Stocking struck them down before they could fire. She then sprung up the rest of the stairs and swung her swords into a downward slash.
        She knocked two more rifles out of the air with the forward shockwave she made. She took a quick look behind her, extended her sword-wielding hands to her sides, and spun around once.
        Stocking struck down the same two rifles she disabled just moments earlier. She peeked behind her and noticed another rifle swoop in around the corner to the left.
        She made a backhand slash at it, knocking it down as well. Then she faced the corner to the left in front of her. She began to make her way around the corner when she heard a smug female voice coming from it.
        "Hey, knucklehead! I'm talking to you!"
        Stocking raised her katanas in front of her as she pushed onward. She turned around the corner and saw a bunch of people aiming their weapons at her.
        For the moment, she caught sight of a girl with blonde hair in curls, as well as that pink-haired girl she remembered from months earlier.
        Mami and Madoka stood back-to-back with their hands out toward the hallway, together holding one of Mami's muskets mounted with a crossbow curve. As soon as they saw Stocking step around the corner, they unleashed the weapon's shot.
        The weapon shot out a glowing pink arrow with a vibrant yellow ribbon trailing behind it. It struck Stocking in the chest before fading out of sight, sending her stumbling backwards and breaking the defensive stance she had.
        "Let's waste 'em!" called Scout and FemScout in unison.
        The gunfire from the Force-a-Nature and the Pocket Pistol forced Stocking to stumble back a few more steps, but she kept a tight grip on her striped katanas.
        In the chaos, Kyoko and Sayaka took their chance to sneak past Stocking and head for the nearest exit. The two had decided they would check on the now-comatose Soldier, who was still outside, even though he acted like a jerk just before.
        But Stocking had her sights on someone else in the room: a brown-haired ponytailed girl helping herself to what looked like tempura, meatballs, sausages, and sandwiches in the room.
        Sasha looked behind her as she swallowed whatever she was eating. She was not ready for the young woman who rushed her with a slash to the chest.
        "Aw, crap!" yelled Scout.
        FemScout, Mami, and Madoka looked over as well.
        Sasha was now clutching her chest in pain.
        Madoka looked at the others in worry. She remembered that Stocking's swords didn't work too well on humans, as Soldier remained unfazed by Stocking's attack just moments ago. However, Sasha, also a normal human being, was hurt by a single slash from those striped swords.
        Madoka began to have an uneasy feeling that both Kurisu, the red-haired girl who was unconscious days ago, and Sasha, the brown-ponytailed girl who was on a picnic today, might be connected to a spiritual or magical power.
        Kyoko and Sayaka, now in their magical girl outfits, were outside near Soldier's comatose body. Kyoko tapped her foot impatiently with her spear in hand, while Sayaka slowly waved her right palm just over Soldier's head in an attempt at using her healing abilities.
        Suddenly, a red hologram of Soldier shot out from just beside his body. This drew Kyoko's attention to Soldier's Reanimator, the electronic trap-like box that was emitting the hologram.
        "Oh, I get it," chuckled Kyoko.
        This led Sayaka to have a peek at the Reanimator box as well.
        "This sucks!" yelled FemScout.
        Madoka refocused her attention back to the office room and looked at Stocking. She saw that her swords were gone, her legs were now covered in vibrant blue and white socks, and she was on her knees munching on the picnic food.
        Stocking decided to put one of the remaining sausages into her mouth.
        Mami had used one of her muskets to finally land a hit on Stocking. She had a determined grin on her face, and that served to cheer Madoka up a bit.
        Stocking stood up with her twin swords in hand, and her legs bare, once more. Though she still had the sausage in her mouth, she was very annoyed that the blondie actually got her with one of those rifles. She raised her swords into the air.
        BANG BANG!
        FemScout's Force-a-Nature gunshots forced Stocking to fall onto her bottom.
        Another gunshot, this time from an unseen revolver, struck her right hand and forced her to drop one of the striped katanas she held. She tried to reach for her katana, but was caught by surprise when a dagger was thrown into the floor just between it and her hand.
        The dagger was dark gray throughout and had a very distinct symmetrical design. The handle had a thick crosslike shape at the centre with a circular hole in it. Its blade was split in two parts with a central lengthwise gap from the crosslike shape, and had thin engraved lines running along it.
        Stocking had no more time to examine the dagger before a baseball hit her in the head.
        Scout used his aluminum bat to send a baseball at Stocking, causing her to fall unconscious onto the floor.
        "Oh, that's a skull fracture for sure!" teased Scout.
        "Splendid!" cheered Spy. He had appeared from the invisibility cloak provided by one of his specialized watches, with his Ambassador revolver in hand. He took a look around and noticed something emitting a red hologram of Engineer just near Stocking's dress.
        It was Engineer's Reanimator box that had gone missing six months ago. The Reanimator spilling out from Stocking's dress proved that she stole it.
        "Wow, amazing..." said Madoka, who had also noticed the trap-like box.
        "Sweet!" cheered FemScout.
        Mami took out her walkie-talkie and held it out for the other team members to hear.
        The Fugitive's voice returned on the comm lines. "Team, you got trouble. There are some men wearing gasmasks coming in to your location. And it looks like they don't want to help us this time."
        As the Fugitive gave his warning, Madoka and Mami's eyebrows drooped in a bit of worry.
        Scout and FemScout were now beside Sasha, who was still clutching her chest. In response to Scout pointing at the stack of sandwiches, Sasha shook her head.
        "Scouts..." said Spy.
        Scout and FemScout looked up and saw Spy showing a Dead Ringer pocket watch in his left hand, while holding his Ambassador to the side in his right.
        "Death is but a doorway," he chuckled.




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