Chapter 2

        "So, is December 4th all right for you, or...?"
        The Fugitive, via the primary inhibitor, was in the middle of a meeting with Spy, Madoka, and Mami. Spy wore his usual balaclava and a new suit, with nothing else on his head. Madoka and Mami were in their school uniforms, with Mami wearing the glasses she found inside that Mini-Dispenser months ago.
        "Of course," replied Spy.
        Madoka and Mami nodded as well.
        "Ok, so I want you-- all of you people back here for sure, all right?" the Fugitive told the few teammates in the inhibitor room. Then, there was a short pause. "Wait. I'm getting something. It's a call-- Hold on-- let me put it through here."
        After a signal scramble sounded its corrupted data crackle, some voices were broadcast on the inhibitor.
        "Yes," answered Medic.
        "Hello, umm, we have a woman here. She's unconscious," explained Elsa.
        "Hmm. Are you sure?"
        "I don't know. I didn't see what happened."
        "Well... Secure the point!"
        "All right, people. Elsa, Her Highness, just used Engineer's new PDA. It's over at that street you've been going to with the fenced area and the overhead train path," the Fugitive spoke as his voice was heard over Medic's headset. "I want you to head over and... meet up with Medic and see what's going on."
        It had been a while since Medic had stepped out of the dark rooms of Drogentote Medical Hospital. He had set his three remaining Mediguns on hand to automatically send their streams toward Sniper, Heavy, and Engineer-- three of his teammates who had gone comatose from an assassin's headshots six months ago. Medic had even made the slowly-recovering Pyro sit down and keep watch over the three, while leaving an eternally-passed-out Demoman in the waiting room.
        Engineer's coma proved troubling for Medic over the six months, as the Reanimator he had with him-- the trap-like box device with which a Medigun stream could bring Engineer back to life-- was missing or possibly stolen. Medic felt he could not build another Reanimator in time before the Opposition or the Hostiles made their next move.
        "Pyro, defend here!" Medic called out.
        "Mm-hmm," mumbled Pyro as he nodded.
        Medic then proceeded to head out to the urban street.


*   *   *

        "This is unacceptable!" shouted Medic as he detached the Vaccinator's canteen from the unconscious Kurisu's back.
        The other three Resurrection Movement teammates, joined by Ellis, Anna, and Elsa, watched as Medic attached the canteen to his waist and began to send a stream to the fallen girl from the Vaccinator himself.
        Ellis, who now had Engineer's PDA in his hands, answered the call.
        "Howdy," greeted Ellis.
        "Uhh... Hi, I guess?" replied the Fugitive. "Who-- what's your name, now?"
        "Well... well, my friends call me Ellis."
        "Hi Ellis."
        "And you, sir?"
        The Fugitive hesitated. "Look, I don't wanna say who I am right now. There's some people who want me dead, and they might be listening in on us. Anyway, are Medic and Madoka... and Her Highness over there right now?"
        Ellis looked over at Elsa. Even without a crown, the woman in the blue dress seemed really regal; she placed her hands on her hips and she was confidently surveying what little damage there was to the four remaining blue boxes of chocolate on the ground.
        "Oh my God... Would-- would you like to talk to one of them?" asked Ellis.
        "Actually, yeah," replied the Fugitive. "Look, most of the folks over there are in this team right now. But the thing is, there's something I found out from that PDA you're holding."
        "Oh, cool!"
        "Yeah. And, Ellis, if you wanna help, we gotta talk afterwards. But right now I wanna let the others know what's on here."
        "Okay. All right, well yeah, wel-- No, we got nowhere else to be."
        "All right. Please show the display to them right now."
        Ellis held out the PDA in front of him and turned the small display away from his face. The Fugitive began to give his report.
        "All right. Resurrection Movement, and anyone else who's there..."
        Medic, Spy, Madoka, and Mami turned to face Ellis, and so did Anna and Elsa, who had both picked up some of the remaining chocolate boxes.
        "This PDA was just used by that red-haired girl Kurisu today," continued the Fugitive. "She got some photos of our next targets before she healed up Ellis here."
        "Okay, Ellis, go ahead and pull up those photos."
        Ellis turned the device toward himself and pressed a few buttons. After a moment, Ellis turned the device toward the others again. An image of a white-haired girl, whose head was covered in a black hood, appeared on the small PDA display.
        "Team, this girl is Opposition Member #4. Her name is Strength, and she's got giant hands that can pound someone to bits. And that pretty much makes her look like a 'Tank' to Ellis, even though her hands-- her giant hands are mechanical."
        "Ohhh, man, that was some crazy sh*t!" noted Ellis, prompting the two magical girls and the two royal sisters to glance at each other.
        "Yyyeah. Just be thankful Miss Strength can't fire bullets right now; the inner mechanisms got all jammed up when she arrived here. But we've got something worse to deal with. Ellis, switch over to the other photo."
        Ellis pressed a button, and the display switched to an image of a girl in a black Gothic dress who was munching on a cookie.
        "Team, Miss Stocking, the leader of the damn frigging Hostiles, was also at the street. Now, she got her name for a reason: she can take off her socks and turn them into those striped swords that Pyro thought were candy canes."
        "Wait... What?" interrupted Anna.
        "Okay, I know it sounds weird," continued the Fugitive, "but we've all been dealing with this kind of stuff for years now, as part of the Resurrection Movement. Last year, Madoka and her friends got detransformed when one of the Opposition used Sakura's wand on them."
        Madoka frowned as she heard the Fugitive's remark. She didn't expect their enemies to have anything that messed-up. Thankfully, she heard that the pink wand with the birdlike top had been restored once it was returned.
        The Fugitive continued. "Anyway, yeah, Stocking's swords only work on supernatural spiritual stuff like ghosts and demons, or other angels and stuff like that. They're not supposed to hurt normal human beings--"
        "What does that mean?" Elsa asked briskly.
        "Look, is this about the--?!" the Fugitive blurted out before he repeated his statement. "Okay. I just said Miss Stocking's swords are only supposed to hurt ghosts and demons, and other angels and stuff like that."
        "I can't..." gasped Madoka just before she clapped her hands over her mouth.
        "M-m-Madoka," stammered the Fugitive, "are-- are things all ri--?"
        "Ehh?!" gasped Mami.
        "Mami Tomoe, what--? Aww, man. Team, I just realized. Madoka's in-- No, wait. The entire Holy Quintet's in trouble! That frigging Hostile leader's got swords that can kill our girls, and she probably really wants us dead now! So, team, when you're going around doing whatever, you gotta make sure you take frigging Miss Stocking down. Remember that!"
        "Jawohl," agreed Medic.
        "Naturally," chuckled Spy.
        "For now, get yourselves to safety, and get Kurisu, too," commanded the Fugitive. "We'll figure out what to do from there."
        "Let us move," ordered Spy.
        "Sure," replied Ellis.
        As the teammates and Ellis made their way out of the urban street area with Kurisu's unconscious body and their belongings, Anna looked over at Elsa and began to speak.       
        "I'm a princess. I can handle anything," boasted Anna. "No, not-- well, almost anything."
        "Now that's more like it," chuckled Elsa as she placed her stack of blue chocolate boxes onto Anna's stack. Soon, they both headed out of the area themselves.




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