Chapter 10

        At Drogentote Medical Hospital, Medic had set up a Reanimator box beside Engineer's comatose body. He then unleashed an Ubercharge with his regular Medigun onto the Reanimator.
        "Agh!" gasped Engineer as he sprung up from his coma. After a brief pause, he declared, "Being a goner just got me mad."
        He then heard a French-accented voice in front of him.
        "Here," said Spy. He held out the hardhat-based headset he tested days ago.
        "Much obliged," replied Engineer.
        He took off his old hardhat and placed the new one on his head just as the team's ringtone sounded.
        "Resurrection Movement..." the Fugitive declared in a stern voice.
        Scout, FemScout, and Soldier of the Codename Fortress mercenaries stood at the primary inhibitor, alongside Madoka, Kyoko, and Sayaka of the Holy Quintet magical girls. They were still with Kurisu and Sasha, the two girls who had been wounded by a Hostile's blades.
        The eight people in the inhibitor room listened carefully to the Fugitive's statement.
        "Elsa is not part of the team. There's no need for you to help her, so don't bother."
        In the black void, Mami, Homura, and Elsa continued on their way. The Fugitive's stern voice continued to be broadcast over the walkie-talkie.
        "Refocus your efforts and try to find out where either Strength or Stocking went to. Don't go talking to me about the Time Police; I'm not concerned about them that much."
        Mami shook her head in a sad and disappointed manner. She considered that maybe all those years ago, the deal with a devil, the deal with a nightmare mistress that the Fugitive made, had made him act like this. Mami began to worry that he might take his anger out on her next... but when?
        "As part of the Resurrection Movement, your only concern is taking down the people who want us dead," the Fugitive continued. "Keep an eye out for them, and don't worry about anyone else. Besides, no one even wants to join us anyway."
        At Office Building 52375, Asuna and France had been scouting out the area. They had brought along two people to help investigate: the tall black-haired labcoat man, as well as the brown-haired track-jacket girl. The man's name was Rintaro Okabe, and the girl's name was Suzuha Amane.
        "If this isn't some elaborate prank, I'm losing my mind," muttered Rintaro.
        "Uhh..." said Suzuha. She gestured with her thumb toward a blue-haired girl wearing a grayish-white corset-like dress who was lying on the floor. She wore a vibrant blue-and-white-striped thigh-high sock on one of her legs.
        The four of them had a quick look. They watched for a moment as the girl stood up and glared at them.
        Rintaro reacted quickly and pointed at the girl.
        "Don't play games!" he shouted. "I know you're watching."
        The girl silently scoffed and then made her way to the window.
        "Would you stop being so reckless?!" yelled Asuna. She gestured with her right arm for the other three to come back into the hallway.
        As he made his way back to the halls with the others, Rintaro spoke into his red cell phone.
        "Red alert. I’ve been cornered by an agent. Possibly a sleeper...."
        Stocking shrugged once she reached the window. She could really use some sweet stuff to eat, after what she went through today.
        She took a look out at the snow-covered compound around her. Soon, she saw someone outside: a young orange-haired woman who was clearly underdressed for the cold weather outside with only a white blouse, a dark gray miniskirt, and high heels. The woman was accompanied by a man wearing a light gray gasmask, who seemed to tower over her.
        Stocking did not know what the woman was doing here, nor did she care all that much. She just wanted to get out of the building and plan her trio's next move against the Resurrection Movement. Now that the two-bit team had banded together and managed to steal back that stupid mechanical trap-box as well as one of her precious Stripes katanas, Stocking wanted to get rid of the team even more. By getting rid of its members, she could finally remove the man who led the team from her life, and she convinced herself that the other two in her group wanted him gone as well.
        She didn't care if she had to do it herself because that pink-haired girl with the ponytail over her shoulder and the swimmer dude with the Arabian outfit didn't have weapons of their own.
        Stocking took another look out the window to see whether that orange-haired woman would just leave already. Sure enough, the woman headed into the parking garage, along with the gasmasked man who was with her.
        Stocking smiled to herself. She could not wait to finally come up with another course of action against the man she hated so much, and the people defending him.
        That man is gonna pay for what he did... whatever it was.
        And if it turned out that the orange-haired woman outside hated the man as much as she did, it'd be even better.




End of episode 6.