Opposition/Resurrection Episode 6: Time never heals anything - the written adaptation

STORY ARC: ...Like It's a Bad Thing


A web novel by Jack Y./superslinger2007

Chapter 1

        December 1, 2014.
        A young man was wandering alone in an empty urban street. He wore a blue and white cap with a tow-truck logo on it and a beige short-sleeved Bull Shifters T-shirt. He was holding a submachine gun in his hands just in case he needed to defend himself.
        "Hey, where is everybody?" the man called out in a slight country-accent. He then proceeded to mimic a bird's call. "Ca-caw, ca-caw!"
        The man took another look at the buildings and the fenced area around him.
        "What the hell is this place...?" he asked himself.
        Pew pew POW!
        Three bright and loud explosive flashes drew the man's attention. He looked behind at where the flashes happened and saw a young girl with white hair. The girl had white hair and orange eyes, and was wearing a black hood with a white flame-patterned section that hid the lower half of her face. She also wore a black skirt with a white line running down the middle, black thigh-high socks above boots, and what appeared to be a thick black ring bound around her left ankle.
        As the girl appeared around the corner of a building, the man noticed that the girl was very inhuman. Not only did she have a robotic scorpion tail sprouting from the back of her dress, but her arms seemed to have been amputated above the elbow, and replaced with giant black mechanical hands each with three fingers and a thumb.
        Suddenly, the girl quickly glared at the man.
        But the girl's hands were as large as she herself was. It didn't matter that she was only just as tall as the man.
        The man only had one reaction.
        "Tank! Holy sh*t! Sh*t! TANK!" the man yelled in a panic.
        He readied his submachine gun and started unleashing its spray of bullets at it.
        But the girl raised her right arm in front of her and shielded herself from the gunfire. Suddenly, right when the man was forced to reload, the girl leaped right at the man and threw her right hand forward into a punch.
        The girl's arm made contact with the man and sent him flying backwards with a pained yell. The man could barely point his gun once more before the girl struck him with her left hand.
        "K-ohaaughh...!" the man coughed.
        But instead of leaping into another forward punch, the girl raised her right fist above her and slammed it down onto the man.
        "Owww!-oh-oh-oh..." the man gasped as he dropped his submachine gun and collapsed to the ground.
        As the girl began to have a near-psychotic smile on her face, her left fist then made contact.
        Then the right fist came down again.
        "This thing's crushing the sh*t outta me!" the man yelled, hoping there was someone else in the city who could even hear him.
        The hooded girl slammed her left fist once more.
        "Kill this thing!"
        As the girl raised her right fist again, she stopped and noticed someone else in the distance.
        There was another girl with long navy-blue hair that had thin pink highlights, and a black Gothic dress... but it seemed the inside part of the girl's hair was also in that vibrant shade of pink.
        And the girl was smugly but happily munching on a cookie.
        She muttered, "I'm not gonna stop what I was doing."
        The hooded girl broke off her attack and leaped over to the navy-blue-haired girl, who heavily yet silently sighed.
        "All right, let's get this over with," the navy-blue-haired girl muttered, before shoving the rest of her cookie into her mouth with a gulp.
        She reached down towards her legs with her blue-and-black thigh-high socks on it...
        ...and changed them into vibrant blue-and-white striped katanas as she peeled them off. After all, that's what made her known as Stocking Anarchy in this world. She had gotten two people who slapped some girl in the face to watch some two-bit team rip itself apart six months ago. Stocking had even taken one of the team's little electronic box things for herself when someone shot its owner in the head, but she didn't care if it was one of those seven people who wanted some guy dead who made the shot.
        But Stocking didn't know what to do with that box, and now she was here defending herself against a hooded girl who almost pounded a guy to death with her giant metal hands.
        The hooded girl threw a fist at Stocking, who blocked it with her striped swords, held in a diagonal cross, in front of her face. But the both of them soon heard a high-pitched electrical whoosh, soon followed by a constant crackle. As the two adversaries left a mechanical fist pressed against two crossed swords, they turned their heads to see yet another girl, who had long red hair. The girl was using a healing device to send a stream of red-tinted energy onto the man with the blue tow-truck cap.
        "Do I look all right?" asked the man, who had now rolled onto his chest to prepare to stand back up.
        The red-haired girl nodded silently.
        The man spoke up. "People call me Ellis. You?"
        "Let me reintroduce myself. I'm Kurisu Makise."
        "Thank you kindly, ma'am. They ain't taking us alive!"
        Stocking then took the moment to move one of her swords away from its defensive block. She shoved it past the hooded girl's mechanical fist and right at her chest.
        The sword's tip rammed the hooded girl backwards into the air, her metallic arms being pulled along. Soon, she crash-landed in front of Ellis and Kurisu.
        Stocking looked confused for a moment. Her sword was not supposed to be a battering ram, so why'd it act like one?
        She shrugged, but kept her swords out as the hooded girl stood up using her mechanical arms as supports.
        "That's right!" the man yelled as he taunted the hooded girl. "You can't kill us!" He had his gun in hand once more.
        "Hold on," Kurisu noted as she reached for something on the healing device.
        A red oval shield appeared around Ellis. That healing device-- the Vaccinator-- could provide damage resistance against certain attacks. The Vaccinator was one of the mediguns used by Medic of the Resurrection Movement's Codename Fortress division. It consisted of a large nozzle, with a lever and small monitor attached and a glowing liquid-filled beaker mounted underneath it. The nozzle was connected with a hose to a backpack, or in this case, a canteen-shaped container.
        But Kurisu had forgotten that the Vaccinator's compatibility with regular people meant that it didn't provide any extra healing... nor could it resist melee attacks such as giant-fist strikes at all.
        "Ah! Sorry," Kurisu gasped in realization.
        The Ubercharge faded, as well as the shield it generated, leaving its charge meter three-quarters full.
        The hooded girl glared at Ellis, and then at Kurisu. But then, she stood up straight with her mechanical arms at her sides, turned her head to the side, and vanished in the glowing blue portal of a time-screw teleport.
        "Aww, what the hell?" Ellis asked in disbelief as the portal faded.
        Suddenly, Ellis heard some quick metallic whooshes, and the next thing he knew, he had stumbled a few steps backward... and there was a girl with navy-blue-hair in front of him whose eyebrows could signify her spite for others if they weren't hidden by her bangs.
        Ellis saw that Stocking held out her vibrant blue-and-white-striped swords to her sides, almost as if they were pointed at him and Kurisu. He then looked to his left and saw that Kurisu had fallen to her knees. The Vaccinator's handheld nozzle was on the floor, while its connected canteen remained on her back. A keypad-device with an embedded swivel-camera was also next to Kurisu... who clutched her chest in pain as if those swords had actually wounded her there.
        "No! That ain't right!" yelled Ellis as he turned his head around in another attempt to look for others in the area. "Help, help! Anyone?"
        But Ellis had dropped his gun.
        Stocking took the chance to swing her swords at Ellis once more. This time, she struck him hard enough to send him backwards in the air herself.
        Ellis's yell wasn't as pained as it was when those mechanical arms kept pounding him, though the impact caught him off guard. And now he couldn't reach his gun.
        Stocking frowned at one of her swords as she examined it closely. She took good care of her Stripes I and II and made sure not to stretch the socks she uses for them, so why aren't they--?
        That man with the cap's just a human.
        Stocking gasped silently as she came to her senses.
        Then she heard someone else gasp.
        In anger.
        "Mean! Mean person!" yelled a young woman with strawberry-blonde hair as she gestured at Stocking. "I can't believe you--!"
        Her rant was stopped by the woman next to her. This woman had silvery-blonde-hair and wore a flowing crystalline blue dress... and happened to be her sister.
        "Anna... Careful!" this woman warned.
        "Elsa-- Wait, what?"
        But Stocking became bored at the two sisters of royalty who just showed up.
        "I'll stay here and wait for someone that doesn't make me wanna hurl," she muttered while she put her swords away.
        After her swords returned as thigh-high socks on her legs, Stocking noticed that Elsa, the woman with the silvery-blonde hair, was carrying a stack of five blue boxes. In fact, these boxes were the same blue as her crystalline dress, but Stocking couldn't tell what design was imprinted onto them.
        She focused her gaze onto the boxes. Going by their size... and the time of year, and what little she knew about what those two's favorite foods were, Stocking concluded that the boxes were probably full of chocolate. She let a smile slip onto her face; she felt she could sure use some sugary stuff after busting her butt today.
        Anna and Elsa jumped as Stocking leapt at them, snatched one of the boxes, and knocked the other four onto the ground. Stocking ripped the top lid off the box she got. The royal sisters could barely tell what she was doing exactly, but she had actually been right about there being chocolate in that box and proceeded to stuff the pieces one by one into her mouth.
        "Well, that is just mean," remarked Anna.
        "Hey y'all, quit playin', man!" shouted Ellis. "I could use some help here, serious."
        "Well, we oughta do something about that," Anna declared as she tapped Elsa's shoulder.
        Both of them looked over at Ellis as he began to point at the PDA device on the ground, and then at Kurisu... who had just collapsed onto her stomach from whatever injury Stocking inflicted. None of them noticed Stocking leave the area with the box of chocolates she stole.
        Elsa looked at the Vaccinator and remembered hearing about someone who used medical guns like that one to heal others and worked with that red-haired girl on the ground. She decided to use the PDA to phone the Medic of the Resurrection Movement... a team in which she couldn't remember what she promised someone six months ago.




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